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IBM BuildingIBM Building

IBM Building

Constructing an 8-story building in a total area of 12,500 M2
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Bank Hapoalim - Sustainable Branch - YokenamBank Hapoalim - Sustainable Branch - Yokenam

Bank Hapoalim - Sustainable Branch - Yokenam

Constructing a 650 SqM environment-friendly bank branch.
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Kamada Snake Vaccine LabsKamada Snake Vaccine Labs

Kamada Snake Vaccine Labs

Building a center in the QC Labs which provides vaccinations against snake venom.
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Ziv Hospital- Radiotherapy InstituteZiv Hospital- Radiotherapy Institute

Ziv Hospital- Radiotherapy Institute

The project included the construction of a new 2,500 m2 building and creating the infrastructure. The process consisted of developing a complex system to provide safety in an area of high radiation.
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SanDisk M-SystemsSanDisk M-Systems

SanDisk M-Systems

The renovation of an entire building, including the remodeling of floors and creating new offices in a 1,000m2 site.
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Zoran BuildingZoran Building

Zoran Building

The project included setting up the infrastructure and building a new five story building with offices, labs and data center in Matam, Haifa.
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IDPj 812IDPj 812

IDPj 812

Expansion and relocation of several labs for a client in Haifa.
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IDC1 RestaurantIDC1 Restaurant

IDC1 Restaurant

Building a new 1,000 m2 restaurant for a confidential client.
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Hutzot AccoHutzot Acco

Hutzot Acco

Construction of a 4,000 m2 shopping center, parking lot, and a roof-top photovoltaic system.
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Renovation of 1,500 M2 at the PTK5 office building in Petach Tikva.
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Building and creating the infrastructure, sanitation devices and electrical systems at the 1,500 m2 Unidress Center in Haifa
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Renovation of the 2,500 m2 second floor of JER 8.
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Renovation of IDC7 kitchen and cafeteria in its office building located in Matam, Haifa.
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IDC10 Offices fit-upIDC10 Offices fit-up

IDC10 Offices fit-up

The project aim was to perform the fit-up of a 5300m2 in the Matam buildings 6.2, 6.1 and to add 320 workstations.
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Renovation and demolition a 1,500 M2 area in the JER6 office building.
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IDPj 801IDPj 801

IDPj 801

The project included the decontamination, decommission and demo of all tools, utilities/supplies from POC (Point of Connection) to POU (Point of Use), tools and support peripheral equipment move-out.
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IDC10 BuildingIDC10 Building

IDC10 Building

Construction of a five story building in the Haifa Campus for Intel development center. A total of 300 offices and several different types of conference rooms and electronic labs.
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Wadi Hamra RoadWadi Hamra Road

Wadi Hamra Road

Construction of a new 4 km-long access road to the city of Safed from the southern outskirts of the city.
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Renovation of 3,300m2 of the IDC2 building. The project included the interior architecture, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, LSS, Security, FMS and IT systems.
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Rafa Laboratories LtdRafa Laboratories Ltd

Rafa Laboratories Ltd

Pharmaceutical plant occupying about 100,000 SF of space containing three buildings: a warehouse, a production building with sterile clean-rooms, and an office structure.
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Kamada EC DesignKamada EC Design

Kamada EC Design

The creation of a new logistical and energy center.
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Shufersal - Big YokneamShufersal - Big Yokneam

Shufersal - Big Yokneam

200 m2 warehouse designed and built by Domark, including the renovation and relocation of the complex underground plumbing and electrical infrastructure.
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Bank Hapoalim - Business BranchBank Hapoalim - Business Branch

Bank Hapoalim - Business Branch

Building two business branches for one of the leading banks in Israel. Each branch has the size of 250m2 with a state of the art interior design. The branch meets the international standard of security, safety and accessibility.
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Swimming pool in ShlomiSwimming pool in Shlomi

Swimming pool in Shlomi

Building the hot watered pool at the Sport Center in Shlomi.
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