Project Engineering

Domark's Project Engineer has the following duties during the project:
  • Attends weekly design progress meetings and all design reviews at the 30% and 90% completion stages
  • Responsible for information gathering: documentation, drawings, specifications, etc.
  • Coordinates the design teams
  • Thoroughly knows the client's specifications and the detailed design documents of the project
  • Responsible for the coordination among all members involved in the design and construction of the project during all phases
  • Ensures that all the technical information (construction specifications, standards, and installation drawings) is available for the design team to enforce the quality of installation (submittals, manuals, engineering calculation, etc.)
  • Prepare and use an action list for the construction/commissioning
  • Organizes and coordinates inspections to check the equipment required for the specific parts of the project
  • Manages the design team during SDC phase
  • Develops and monitors a log for controlling and administering all project deliverables: drawings, submittals, shop drawings, catalogs, samples, specifications, etc.