QA & QC Management

Quality Assurance Management
In order to guarantee our customer's satisfaction, we provide a detailed system ensuring project quality. The system defines clear objectives and specific requirements to assure the highest quality standard for each component of the project. 
The equipment and systems which are provided by our subcontractors must meet the quality specifications and the relevant standards.
Our detailed plan and specific procedures and issues ensure that quality control will be carried out properly. Along with detailed documentation, ongoing reports throughout the project, and commitment to meeting specific standards and specifications, we perform tests at the end of each phase of our project to ensure compliance with project requirements and applicable regulations.
Quality Control Management
The Implementation of the previous procedures is required to ensure that the contractor and suppliers perform their obligations as part of the defined quality assurance program. We organize all the quality testing results for the equipment, devices and systems as required, and provide recommendations for improvement when necessary.
We prepare audit reports that must be approved by the project manager and also participate in the testing of new equipment used at each project.
All of this is done to the satisfaction of our customer and as assurance that he receives the most professional service possible.