Safety Management

Managing projects is a difficult task and we receive great satisfaction when we see the final result of each project. Yet our first and foremost goal is to ensure an injury-free environment that provides safety and reduces potential hazards.
Therefore, Domark works with the most competent engineers, advisors and experts in several fields in order to take all necessary protection measures for your safety. Our experts use special tools and systems at each project that identify potential hazards and thus are able to prevent them from happening.
Our workers receive updates about potential risk zones and hazards on a daily basis and therefore know how to confront potential dangers.
Our Safety Management team:
  • Provides safety engineering services for construction projects
  • Participates in weekly progress meetings to review engineering documents and drawings, and verifies proper on-site conditions as required
  • Participates in an organized design review meeting to review design documents and layout drawings, provide comments, warnings and approvals
  • Identifies and resolves safety issues at the design stage and if one occurs throughout the project
  • Verifies and monitors safety issues on-site according the customer's requirements and alerts the customer immediately if an issue arises